The Chobots Angel Spies Clan


Because now the CAS wings are for people who buy 12 months, we need a new item! I will think of some ideas and I want you guys to think of some. Now onto the new leader.












Yes, I think animeangel will make a great leader she is very nice and you guys will live her.

Please leave a comment telling what you want the item to be! (anything NOT violent!) 🙂





Just a quick update…

Darkcartman is no longer co-CAS leader and does not have any CAS wings or mod items.

I won’t tell for his privacy but if you want to ask him, go ahead.

So I am looking for a new member…I will post when I have a new leader in mind.


The winner is….

DARKCARTMAN. He is now the offical co-leader of CAS – I will add him to the blog and stuff later today.

Oh and before I forget, as a test DARKCARTMAN will be the leader of today’s meeting. I will not go to it, it is 100% up to him to be incharge. I will tell him to write down any violators. Also who made it and who did not. He is now in charge. OBEY HIM!


It is Sunday May 17th, please tell me if you cant make it. I won’t subtract points if you don’t come because this is on such short notice….

time and location:


7:00 PM eastern

(convert if you need to)



Academy (INSIDE)

Remember this is not a party, so don’t act wild and crazy.

I will then invite all of the people on the list (CAS recruits) to my house, where we can discuss CAS news and who will be the CAS leader.


Im sorry I have gotton them together already, with the virus I lost all of my recruit photos, just wear something dark blue that’ll do for now – sorry!

I promise to make it more orginized next meeting!


Guys I am soo sorry but today I woke up with a sore throught and feaver so I will be napping almost all day…it’s resedualed AGAIN to next weekend, I promise to fill you in on dates and stuff tomorrow…I am so sorry.



Posted on: May 7, 2009

Reschedule. To Saturday the 9th of May. So sorry again, my gradfathers funeral is that date. I will annouce the winner at the meeting, thanks guys.


Hello guys,

We are looking for one more CAS leader. If you get this spot you will be able to:

-Post on the CAS website

-Get the CAS wings and ALL mod exlusive items (the ones I can give you)

-Get to be my buddy (when I clear out my list)

-Gets to be a CAS leader.

Here’s what you have to do.

Tell me why you would think you would be a CAS leader. No more than like 50 words. And don’t say ”because I want to help other chobots” or something like that. It could just be something short. And don’t make it fake. So sumbit one leave a comment on this post. Remember – no fake people saying phoney stuff.


  • None
  • Mcho04: wow this was SOOO long ago!!! :o
  • Yousef: guys if ur fed up join my clan: i have lots of activities to share with u, so im just waiting for everyone :) :D
  • Yousef: WOW! nice one :P congrats animeangel i think you'll make a good team leader anywayz i have a clan can everybody plz join it: www.chobots-cia.pic